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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

devo ke dev mahadev gain high trp on life ok

Shiv-Parvati to showcase the Ardhnareshwar avatar in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev!
Life OK’s highly popular show or we can say numero uno Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is throwing the right aspects of entertainment and knowledge. Thanks to the makers Triangle Films Company and stars Mohit Raina (Mahadev), Sonarika Bhadoria playing Parvati; their joint assertion in the show has been winning the hearts of massive audience, including every age group.

As seen, Parvati has re-born on earth as Matsyagandha due to Mahadev’s curse. Therefore, Medhavati (Jyoti Gauba) and Sukarna (Kannan Arunachalam) plan Matsya’s (Anushka Sen) wedding as she has learnt the art of fishing which is a criteria for marriage. Hearing the same, Nandi (Kumar Hegde) gets shocked and informs the same to Mahadev who later asks Nandi to become a giant fish and trouble the fishermen around. This leads to Matsya deciding to catch the fish but eventually gets defeated.

Many efforts later, Sukarna announces that the one who would catch the giant fish will get to marry Matsya. After a lot of fishermen failing to catch the giant fish, Mahadev enters the scene as a fisherman.

Upon coming to know that Mahadev is a fisherman, Nandi surrenders himself to Mahadev. Seeing this, an impressed Sukarna decides to get Matsya married to the fisherman (Mahadev) who impresses upon Sukarna to let him meet Matsya once. On meeting her, Mahadev presents her with a Shiv murti that was used by Parvati in her previous birth. Seeing the murti, Matsya, remembers about herself being Parvati- adi shakti.

After the marriage, Mahadev, along with Parvati, continues with his Tantra gyan where he gives goodh gyan to her after which their souls merge forming the mesmerizing avatar of Ardhnareshwar.

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