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Monday, 29 October 2012

N for Nude, N for Naked... 'N' number of addictions

N for Nude, N for Naked... `N` number of addictions

Starlet Poonam Pandey reveals the 4th letter as part of the 5-day countdown with the 5 alphabets that comprise name of her upcoming debut

N is an alphabet which forms an important component of the title of my film.

When you associate the alphabet N with my name, you get words like 'nude' and 'naked' in your mind. Naughty minds, you have.

Remember, the film is about addiction. Remember nudity is not my poison, it's my passion. And it is not a new ditty for me.

N could have any nomenclature. It can stand for nicotine or even a form of nasha for me.

We all have different nashas that can peg us back and get us addicted.

Kisi ko husn kee chah, jawaani ka nasha... Nashe mein kaun nahin hai mujhe batao zara...

Ha ha ha...

I am addicted... Yes, I am an addict... Of Amit Saxena's direction... The way he has been explaining every scene to me... He has been holding many workshops for me... He has made me aware if my body and how I need to use it... And not merely strut it off. I realised that my body could have a lot more sexuality than what I thought I had.

So, do you think I will strip in the film? Hmm... Good question? Will Mahendra Singh Dhoni act in my film? Hmmmm! :)

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