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Monday, 1 October 2012

Karishma Tanna shines with her Pari role in Baal Veer

Karishma Tanna shines with her Pari role in Baal Veer!

on Saturday at 03:25pm
SAB TV's new debutant Baal Veer, which went on air from September 17, has marked the return of Karishma Tanna to daily soaps. In the show she is playing head of Pari Lok, and critics are also appreciating her work. 

She is getting popular in kids, who love her for her magical powers. In the show, she has all the combined powers of the fairies, she can do anything she wishes and at a wave of her magical wand. Despite being authoritative, Rani Pari is also sweet and simple. Karishma explains, "As I am a Rani Pari I have to be authoritative and dominating. Nevertheless I also have a very calm and simple expression on my face."

Explaining about her role further, she said, "To play Fairy Queen I had to work on my body language, mannerisms and develop a base in my voice." Karishma like her co-actresses loves her fairy attire.  She points out, "The colors are very international gold and beige. It's a symbol of richness and royalty." 

The serial is based on fairy-tales, and India itself has lots of super natural heroes and fairy tale. When asked about her favorite characters or books she prefers to read, she says, "I generally don't read books as my head starts hurting. However right now I am reading the trilogy of Mahadev. Fairies in real life are people who are good to you- they can even be your mom and dad."

You are right lady, heroes are made by their gentle work not powers and degrees. 

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