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Saturday, 31 March 2012

karan kundra new show gumraah on channel v

karan kundra new show gumraah on channel v

As they say, just because you are not doing it, it’s not worth it. Same applies with Karan Kundra, who has earlier worked in famous daily soap Kitni Mohabbat Hai, but now as he is not working in any fiction show at the moment, he considers that soaps lack creativity.

Now days the audience can see him anchoring teen crime show Gumrah on Channel V, and he says daily soaps do not involve any creativity and he has no plans to do them in the near future. "Anyone can do a daily soap but there is no creativity in that. I asked myself that what am I doing by doing these shows. And that is when I decided to something different," Karan told the sources.

On the other side, it was all praises for his current show Gumrah. "It is a very bold, different and in your face show. It is something that any intelligent actor would like be a part of. Something you don't get a chance of doing often. You can do a daily soap whenever you wish to, but you cannot do a Gumrah," he added.

Well Karan, change is inevitable and we are not surprised to see you going through the one!

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