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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Karva Chauth 2012 moon rise time in India/ USA/ Canada & History [2 November]

The Karva Chauth day is celebrated for the sake of the devine relationship between a husband and a wife. The day has greater significance in Hindu religion and is celebrated mostly in the Northern India. However, the day is celebrated by some Sikh wives also in the Punjab region of India.
On the Karva Chauth Day, from the sun rise, the wives start to fast compromising their hunger and thirst for their husbands’ long lives. The fast continues till the sun set and when the moon rises in the sky, the women break their fasts by drinking water from the hands of their husbands.

Karva Chauth Day related to Hindu Calendar

The Karva Chauth day comes on the fourth day of the Kartik month of Hindu calendar wich is a lunisolar calendar.
This time Karva falls on 2 November, 2012.

History behind Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth has a significant history of Satyavan and his wife Savitri. It has bee said that Lord Yamraj came over the earth to take the soul of Satyavan along with him, but Savitri begged and prayed to leave her husband.
Lord Yamraj was not impressed and took the soul of Satyavan. After the incident, Savitri started fast by not taking food and water. Yamraj told her to compromise for her husband’s boon instead of his life. Savitri then asked the blessings of children. Yama agreed and thus he had to release the soul in Satyavan’s body again as Savitri being a devoted wife, could have children only from Satyavan.
So, now here are the timings of the moon rise in various parts of various countries, which thus will ease the wives to open their fast by moving in an open space or the higher latitudes in time.

Karva Chauth 2012 Moon rise time

India moon rise time on 2 November 2012:
  • Mumbai – 8.42 pm
  • New Delhi – 8.08 pm
  • Hyderabad – 8.25 pm
  • Chennai – 8.24 pm
  • Varanasi – 7.51 pm
  • Lucknow – 7.57 pm
  • Noida – 8.08 pm
  • Ghaziabad – 8.07 pm
  • Jaipur – 8.18 pm
  • Chandigarh – 8.06 pm
  • Pune – 8.42 pm
  • Ahmedabad – 8.38 pm
USA moon rise time on 2 November 2012:
  • New York City 8.34 pm
  • Chicago (Illinois) 8.27 pm
  • San Francisco, California 9.02 pm
  • Los Angeles 8.54 pm
  • Texas city, Texas 9.28 pm
  • Washington DC 8.46 pm
  • Dallas (Texas) 9.30 pm
  • Houston 9.29 pm
  • Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 8.36 pm
  • San Diego (California) 8.48 pm
  • Phoenix (Arizona) 8.39 pm
  • San Antonio (Texas) 9.38 pm
  • Austin (Texas) 9.36 pm
  • Jacksonville (Florida) 9.30 pm
  • Boston (Massachusetts) 8.24 pm
  • San Jose (California) 9.00 pm
  • Indianapolis (Indiana) 9.26 pm
  • Columbus (Ohio) 9.12 pm
  • Seattle (Washington) 8.32 pm
  • Fort Worth (Texas) 9.28 pm
  • Detroit (Michigan) 9.04 pm
  • Baltimore (Maryland) 8.46 pm
Canada moon rise time on 2 November 2012:
  • Vancouver (British Columbia) 8.28 pm
  • Toronto (Ontario) 8.47 pm
  • Ottawa 8.32 pm
  • Montreal (Quebec) 8.24 pm
The above timings are the local timings of the specific location.

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