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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sunny Leone the ramp scorcher

Sunny Leone the ramp scorcher!

Sunny Leone walked the ramp for the first time to showcase designer Rohhit Verma's new collection

The showstopper for the event was Sushmita Sen. Sonu Sood also walked the ramp. A lot of B-Town and small screen folk were present which included Govinda, Poonam Dhillon, Pooja Bedi, Dolly Sohi and Rakhi Sawant.

Wanna see Sunny? Stay hungry!

Rohhit's fashion event held at the ballroom of a leading hotel in Juhu began late. By the time it ended it was almost midnight. What followed was a sight never seen before in a five-star!

The hotel folk scrambled for taking away the buffet spread. It was as if the sniffer dog outside had been let in and all the food had to be removed from sight.

More than half the guests had to go without the dinner and some were seen eating directly from the food trays as the waiters took away all the plates first. Never knew the hotel or the organisers of the show had a deadline for the buffet too!

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