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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Action, revelation and drama on its peak in Parichay

Action, revelation and drama on its peak in Parichay!
The suspicious and blazing promos of Colors’ Parichay are making the audience willing to dig the show deep. As seen in the earlier episodes, Siddhi (Keerti Nagpure) has finally spotted Rohit (Karam Rajpal), alive and now she will be seen trying to get hold of him to prove Kunal’s (Samir Soni) innocence.

With this some nail biting episodes are about to come, where Siddhi will overhear Richa (Sonia Singh) talking to Rohit about meeting him at a place. Hence, she will decide to reach the venue, unaware of the fact that Rohit has called Richa at a red light area. Basically, it will be Rohit’s ploy to trap Siddhi. He will be aware that Siddhi is following them and plans the things to harm her in every aspect.

However, when Siddhi will reach the red light area, Rohit will call the cops. He will run away from the scene and try to push Siddhi towards danger. His plan would be to send Siddhi behind the bars. But Siddhi will also manage to flee from the scene, and in the entire drama, Richa will be held by the cops.

All the drama will take place between Rohit and Siddhi, and she will come out with a disappointment that she couldn’t hold the collar of Rohit. But there is one more sprain for the fans that somehow Vikram (Deepak Sandhu) will spot Rohit and get hold of him. He will inform Siddhi about Rohit’s capture and they both will drag him to the court.

This is what we say is a complete dramatic composition.

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