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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

guwahati molestation shame for whole country

Arnab Goswami on Times Now said his channel was against showing the Guwahati molestation video. I feel the video is available online for anybody who wants to see it – and a huge majority who has watched the video has reacted with horror and outrage. This is not the first time a rape/molestation video has been made and shared in India, in fact one reads about such videos and MMS clips being used to blackmail and humiliate the victims. [link]
I wonder what C C Patil (the Karnataka Women and Child Welfare Minister) felt when he and a few other ministers watched one such rape video during the assembly. [link] (Savadi  allegedly claimed, he ‘was watching the video clip of how a woman was raped by four people to know about the incident and prepare for a discussion on the ill-effects of a rave party.’)
Did these ministers feel the outrage that the rest of the country is feeling today?

In the Gurgaon video [link], I couldn’t get the image of the victim out of my mind, she kept  running and screaming hysterically even after the molesters had been chased away and she was safe. In the Guwahati video [link] there is hatred and smirk, not lust on the faces of the molesters.
(The nation was outraged by a similar smile on the face of S P S Rathore who molested Ruchika Girhotra.)
All these are the smiles of men who knew they were not going to be punished.
The video made it clear that these sexual assaults were about hate, power and aggression. The rapists’/molesters’ intent was not to ‘satisfy their lust’ but to humiliate and to cause hurt.

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