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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Shakti Mohan is looking for new challenges

Shakti Mohan is looking for new challenges!

on Saturday at 02:43pm
Shakti Mohan is a name synonymous to dance and she has proved her mettle in the field first by winning Dance India Dance and later on Channel V’s Dil Dostii Dance.

It is known that despite earning popularity playing Kria in VD3, Shakti opted out of the show in order to learn more dance forms from New York. Now she is back from the city and is looking up for changes and tasks to come her way.

Sharing her experience during the New York stay, she said, “My stay in New York was most enjoyable. I got to meet a lot of dancers since it’s a hub for dancers. Since my childhood I had dreamt of visiting New York and I am so happy that I went there where I learnt different dance forms and art. The people out there are very much into dancing and they have good knowledge of the art form. This, I personally feel is lacking in India. Here, I would like to advice aspiring dancers to definitely visit New York and the dance studios there. Let me also pass on the information that in New York in every street or college has a minimum of five studios. Besides, I just shopped till I dropped. I brought a lot of dance accessories, clothes and make up kits. One thing that I sorely missed there was my family.”

She went on to add, “Besides, I am also interested in social issue like women empowerment. I strongly feel that every girl should be treated and raised at par. I feel blessed that we are four sisters and all of us have been raised in a much modernized circumstances. In today’s times, everyone is equal. In Metro cities, the scene is far better but in rural areas, things are a little difficult. I would just like to plead with people to love and give respect to women as they are the pioneers of nation.”

Wow! Someone is talking high. Hope your words get heard!

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