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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Is that Sunny Leone?
Is that Sunny Leone?

A traditionally dressed Sunny Leone went unrecognised at Ekta Kapoor's house party

Sunny Leone is known for her bold and brazen look, both on screen and off. But lo and behold! When the actress attended Ekta Kapoor's recent house party, no one could recognise the adult film actress. Reason? Sunny was dressed in an ethnic ensemble.

A source from the party says, `Everyone was surprised to see Sunny's new avatar. She looked very comfortable but all the guests kept asking Ekta who she was. Ekta had a tough time explaining people that it was indeed Sunny. Till that day, no one had seen the actress in traditional clothes.`

Ekta too was pleasantly shocked to see Sunny's makeover and says, `It was the case of Poo bani Parvati! She looked straight out of my TV serials.`

In fact, we hear that Ekta is now planning to cast Sunny in one of her telly shows.

Is that Sunny Leone?

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