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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Katrina Kaif insists she is very much single

Katrina Kaif insists she is very much single!

1 hour ago
To be or not to be, forever or one night stand, hush- hush affair or just friends; these were what playing in all minds when eagle eyed shutterbugs caught Katrina Kaif red handed entering Ranbir Kapoor’s home around 1 am at night and which was obvious to hit headlines.

But so much single Kats has to say something about it. Katrina Kaif, who always has named it just friends with vintage juvenile philanderer of B-town Ranbir Kapoor, says that in spite of visiting Ranbir’s pad such a late night, she is still very much single.

Katrina has always been the talk of the table, earlier it was due to her alleged link up with Salman Khan and afterwards due to their relationship which went kaput in the air. And now it seems like unstoppable with Kat’s associations with such affair rumors and the recent one popping up with heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.

However, Kat is not ready to accept any of the facts stated and insists that she is very much single and is not dating anyone.

We know everything happens for the best but definitely has a reason behind it. All friendships of b-town have turned out to be deeply clad love mash-up and mishaps. So is this the new ‘very much single’ of B-town?

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