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Saturday, 27 October 2012

'S for sex addiction' for poonam panday

`S for sex addiction`

Starlet reveals the 3rd letter as part of the 5-day countdown with the 5 alphabets that comprise name of her upcoming debut

'S' is the third clue I can give you to find out the name of my debut film. I have already mentioned 'A' and 'H' as important alphabets which are a part of the title of my film, directed by Amit Saxena for Aditya Bhatia.

S stands for a three letter word which you love more as a four letter word.

Addiction to sex is a different type of habit. I know a lot of people who are sex addicts and have certain weird mood swings without it.

It was a terminology that finally gained official status in the mid '70s when addicts of alcohol seemed to point out that there was something to this extent.

Addiction to sex or anything else can pretty much be on the edge. Firstly you like it, secondly you can't do anything about it and thirdly you want it so badly that you can do anything for it. Let me assure you that my film has a decent amount of sex in it, enough to get you addicted to me.

Let me end with a riddle. What is the difference between Poonam Pandey's debut film and a bra?

While Poonam's debut is a blockbuster, a bra is a bustblocker!

Good bye and get addicted next summer.

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