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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

sunny leone acting pricey for movies

Sunny Leone demanded a whopping amount for an item number!

4 hours ago
Earlier rumours were doing the rounds that Bollywood actor Sunny Deol played a vital role in ousting Sunny Leone from the forthcoming which is being directed by Anil Sharma. The hot cake was supposed to do an item song in the movie. Well, the original story is different altogether.

As per the industry sources, after the success of her debut Jism 2, the Indo-Canadian porn star has started showing her tantrums. The lady is acting too pricey. She asked a whopping amount for the item song, finally the filmmaker had to drop the idea of casting her opposite Sunny Deol in the item number. A source disclosed, “Anil offered Sunny Leone around Rs 50 lakh for the dance number opposite Sunny Deol. But since the actress had signed her debut Bollywood film for a crore, this didn't match her expectations. She also has a three-film deal with a production company and she is much in demand now."

Source further added, “Apparently, they were asking for too many rehearsal dates which Sunny Leone couldn't give, thanks to her other engagements. That apart, Sunny is keen to do item numbers with bigger stars."

Sunny, stop showing your tantrums otherwise you may lose good projects!

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