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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hottie who's poking fun at Sheila and Munni

Hottie who's poking fun at Sheila and Munni

Hottie who`s poking fun at Sheila and Munni

Starlet Rozlyn Khan's new dance number takes a dig at some popular item songs

Sheila and Munni ruled the music charts for a considerable amount of time, thanks to their undisputed popularity

But that was last year. Buzz is that Rozlyn Khan is all set to dance on an item song that takes a direct dig at the previous years' hits.

In director Rajesh Kumar's next, an item song has lyrics that has phrases like Sheela ki maa ki ankh and Munni ki aisi ki taisi. The dance sequence is picturised on Rozlyn with a rustic background. Sujata Majumdar of Genda phool-fame has given her voice to the track.

Sujata Majumdar
And turns out the singer has no qualms crooning the rather 'politically incorrect' song. `I'm a singer first. I don't write the lyrics. Fortunately, the audience nowadays is more open to experimentations in music, ` says Sujata.

Speaking on the matter, Rajesh laughs away any hard feelings. `It's just that the Sheilas, Munnis and the Chamelis are outdated now. I'm trying my best to capitalise on a newer avatar. In my opinion, Rozlyn is going to effortlessly win hearts

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