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Monday, 24 December 2012

Bipasha is loving the single life

Bipasha is loving the single life

Bipasha Basu says that she's in no hurry to find a boyfriend and settle down Her love life continues to remain under constant media speculation but Bipasha Basu manages to stay unruffled. Following her breakup with John Abraham last year, after nearly a decade of being together, there's been one link-up or the other involving her. However, the Bengali bombshell laughs off the rumours and prefers to assert that she is single and very happy with the way things are.

Bipasha, who recently released her second fitness video, Break Free, states she has nothing against the rumour mill. `The media loves me! They want me to settle down with a good guy, but my kind of guy is a little tough to find. I'm not saying that there aren't nice guys around.

Just that I need someone who would be glad to stand back and be proud of me as a person and the job that I do,` says Bips.

So does he have to be fit and lean like she is? `Not really! He just has to be confident of himself and if he happens to look like Brad Pitt, well and good. Even if he's not a fitness freak like me, I'll make sure he becomes one after a while,` quips the 33 year-old. On pointing out the fact that Kareena Kapoor (32) and Vidya Balan (34) tied the knot this year, Bipasha claims to have no such ambition for next year.

`I'm glad that both of them found their soul mates. I haven't found mine yet and I'm in no hurry either. I'm living the kind of life I always wanted to - independent and fulfilling,` smiles the actress who will soon start dubbing for her upcoming supernatural film Aatma.

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