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Monday, 24 December 2012

Poonam's nasha for heights! on dooms day

Poonam`s nasha for heights! on dooms day

Even as the Mayans have gone wrong with their prediction, Poonam Pandey went up 12000 feet in the air on 21/12/12 enjoying what life has given her, by shooting for her Amit Saxena helmed film Nasha.

The chulbul Poonam Pandey seems to have developed a nasha for heights as she took off in a helicopter to can one of the most intense scenes ever shot in A Bollywood film. In fact, never before has a passion sequence been shot at such altitudes. And going by the 21/12/12 phenomena, if he mercury in the city had risen and Mumbaikars began sweating during the day, you know who to blame.

The director Amit Saxena managed to shoot the intense sequence in just about 90 minutes. "This was a scene that has never been attempted by any Bollywood movie before. The idea was to capture the intensity of Poonam over the blue seas and in mid air. The sangam of all the natural elements has made the scene an intense sequence. "

The sequence turned out to be a breeze for Poonam, as she coasted through the scenes without breaking a sweat.

"The sequence in a chopper was a challenge but I had full faith in my director and we went ahead with it, " said Poonam.

Looking at the way the sex scene has turned out, Poonam wants to name her director as Sex-ena!

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