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Monday, 24 December 2012

chitu goes abroad as he turns a gentleman in SAB TV

Chintu goes abroad as he turns a gentleman in SAB TV!

on Saturday at 11:42am
As reported earlier too, SAB TV is back with the second season of silent comedies Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman, which was earlier called Malegaon Ka Chintu and Gutur Gu.

Both the shows have gone under some changes and the viewers will now see something new in the two comic capers. Like the last season, this one too will see Chintu in love with Pinky but this time he will be seen travelling to various countries.

Al Amin, who is also a part of the show said, "I got respect and love from my fans abroad. Adjusting to the weather conditions was tough, but once the camera rolled, we used to give it our best shot. When the shoot was over, we used to run to a cafe for hot coffee."

Anooj Kapoor, EVP and business head of the channel, says, "Gutur Gu is the world's longest running silent comedy. We were the first and only channel to successfully produce silent comedies in India. Both the shows will attract family audiences."

Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman airs at 8pm on Saturdays, on SAB TV.

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