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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Aashka Goradia to re-enter Sony TV's Shubh Vivah

Aashka Goradia to re-enter Sony TV's Shubh Vivah!
Aashka Goradia to re-enter Sony TV's Shubh Vivah
UTV Productions’ Shubh Vivah aired on Sony TV though was launched with great pomp and glory but all the hype got faded as the show failed to grab desired TRPs.

In fact, the constant dip in TRPs had even led to speculations being high of the show biding adieu. However, as of now it has been given an extension of three months and if the channel finds an improvement in the graph then the show might get a second lease of life.

And looks like in order to survive the battle, CVs have decided to bring back one of the prominent characters, which despite being the bold one went missing for a period of one month thereby making the viewers wonder about her track. We are sure that by now you must have made out that we are indeed talking of the sensual vamp Aashka Goradia who played Sarla in the show.

As per the recent track, the viewers have seen Amrit (Eijaz Khan) developing a liking for Saroj (Neha Janpanit) and is trying to forget his affair with Sarla. However, destiny will bring in new turns for the two.

Sources say that in the upcoming episodes, Amrit will confess his feelings before Saroj. This will be the time when Saroj will question him if he has some other woman in his life. Amrit will reveal the past he had shared with Sarla. Later, he will be shocked to see both Sarla and Saroj bonding well.       

Looks a major drama is to take place.

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