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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mitali Nag and Shashank Sethi bond well

Mitali Nag and Shashank Sethi bond well!
Mitali Nag and Shashank Sethi bond well
Mitali Nag and Shashank Sethi, the talented duo from Village Boy Productions’ Afsar Bitiya on Zee TV, share a great chemistry not only on the screen but in their real lives too.

As known in the show, Shashank aka Mithilesh is the one who supports Mitali aka Krishna at every step. And surprisingly, they have turned this way in real life too. Both of them apart from being talented share some common hobbies too.

Talking of it, Shashank said, “I like singing, so does she and she is a fabulous singer and has participated in reality shows as well. And what’s interesting is that I like dancing and she also has a fondness for the art.”

Adding further, he stated, “Cooking, watching movies, talking to kids – almost every hobby or time pass that we have – are in common. Moreover, both like kids and both of us can spend hours with the tiny tots. Acting is also a passion for both of us.”

The actor then added, “I must also admit that I have been a fan of Mitali even before we started working together. She is very talented, versatile and also very hard working.”

Well, we are glad to see such camaraderie between you!

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