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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Niaa Sharma new hot telly girl on television

Niaa Sharma and her red eye woes!
Niaa Sharma new hot telly girl  on television
Television nowadays is not a child's play, the actors of the small screen put their entire energy to bring liveliness in their roles and attract the viewers emotionally.

Niaa Sharma aka the bubbly and vibrant Maanvi of Star Plus' popular daily Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai has indeed proved this fact. The actress is suffering with red eyes these days, courtesy excess of glycerin used by her.

Yes! You heard it right, due to her emotional scenes in the show, Niaa had to apply lots of glycerin so that her eyes appear tearful in the show, but little did she know that this will lead to a reaction in real life too. The eyes have become red and swollen due to excessive use of the glycerin.

Niaa however says that it was the show’s demand; everyone knows that Maanvi had to face much criticism from Viren aka Karan Tacker when she refused to give blood to Jeevika played by Krystal D’Souza; both are oblivious of the fact that Maanvi is having a cancer.

Talking about the cancer track, Niaa says, “They will stretch it as far as possible as it very popular. I am sure they will take it to an extreme where I will be on the death bed before some miracle saves me”. She also admits," Just doing the character of a cancer patient has really shaken me up. I am very scared and hope such a killer disease never befalls anyone.”

Hats off to your dedication Niaa and hope that your eyes recover soon!

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