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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

asin ready for movie khiladi 786

Khiladi 786 made Asin hunt for saris!

5 hours ago
South import Asin, with the fame of Ghajini, has so far been very lucky as far as her career in Bollywood is concerned. She has played various characters so far and has catered an impressive show.

But with the upcoming Akshay Kumar starrer Khiladi 786, which is to release on December 7, Asin is to be seen playing a role she has never tried before. As known, in the action-comedy, Asin plays a Maharashtrian girl. Being the first time, she was very keen about her character in the film. Sources say that she kept a curious eye on her character and tried getting perfection in every look of it.

Sources even say that she went all out to get under the skin of the character, including personally shopping for the saris she sports in the film. Asin confirmed the same saying, ''I am excited and looking forward to playing a boisterous Maharashtrian girl in my next film. So I decided to personally go and select a few saris for the role.''

She is said to have ventured into the Hindmata market in Dadar, to hand pick some Navaree and Shaallu sarees and to pick the finer nuances of traditional drapes. Adds Asin, "I also wanted to meet the retailers to pick up the finer nuances of the language and the traditional way of draping the saris.''

Well, we hope this hard work yields good result!

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