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Friday, 23 November 2012

Katrina takes Salman and SRK's jibes in her stride

Katrina takes Salman and SRK`s jibes in her stride

Katrina Kaif says she is perfectly fine with Salman Khan or his nemesis Shah Rukh Khan poking fun at her during promotional events

Salman Khan often seen making fun of Katrina Kaif be it for her accent or some rather random subjects on public platform much to the crowd's delight. A similar attitude was exhibited by Shah Rukh Khan at a recent press show where he was noticed quipping about Kat.

However, the leggy lass doesn't mind either of the actors' antics, all because of the camaraderie she shares with them.

Katrina, who has been linked to Salman earlier and is working with SRK for the first time in their upcoming film, adds that she's not an industry stranger to take offence. `They're not going to do that if they are not open with me.

We share a good rapport with each other. I've known Salman for quite a long time now and he is a good friend. Apart from being a fabulous co-star, Shah Rukh is chivalry personified. The very fact that they crack jokes and make people laugh at my expense proves the kind of rapport I share with both of them. Besides, who doesn't like to make others laugh?` asks Katrina.

The 28-year-old actress further points out that she's not allergic to humour, `These media events are usually tedious with the cliched questions asked again and again. Under such dull circumstances, if they decide to poke harmless fun at me, I don't see anything wrong with that.

On the contrary, it brightens up the ambience and the people end up saying 'maza aaya' while leaving the room. I think that's how it should be. We are all just doing our job here and I don't take myself seriously.

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