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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hollywood cashing in on Emraan Hashmi

Hollywood cashing in on Emraan Hashmi

The makers of Emraan Hashmi's debut Hollywood film have decided to include a full-fledged song picturised on the actor

All his films may not have become blockbusters, but most of Emraan Hashmi's music tracks have gone on to be chartbusters. The makers of the actor's first Hollywood film have apparently decided to tap into this success rate and are likely to include a song in the project.

While most Hollywood films, except musicals, do not traditionally have music numbers, Oscar-winning Danis Tanovic is apparently keen on having Emraan lip-sync on the big screen.

A source says, `Tanovic signed Emraan after watching several of his recent films. It has been an unofficial record of sorts that all his songs have gone on to do very well. The writer-director has been well aware of this and so wants to make it as commercial as possible without losing the essence of the film.`

Buzz is that the makers want the song to capitalise on his persona. `This is probably the first time a mainstream Hollywood film featuring a Bollywood face will have the lead actor singing a song onscreen. To make sure it appeals to the international audience, the number will be a Hindi-English mix, ` sums up the source.

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