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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ruk Jana Nahi set to say good-bye in a festive mode

Ruk Jana Nahi set to say good-bye in a festive mode!

on Monday at 02:06pm
It was 19 December 2011, when Star Plus’ Ruk Jana Nahi stepped in the world of daily soaps, with a dream to reach top. Well, there is no doubt to the fact that it has played a fine inning and entertains a massive audience with its new presentation, vernal concept and warm characters.

But like it says all good thing must come to an end, the fate of Ruk Jana Nahi is over and it will breathe its last on 24th November 2012. The good news for the fans is that RJN will wind-up things in a very festive mode. The plot will have a logical conclusion which satisfies the audience.

According to the credible source, the makers are planning the track wherein Sanchi (Pooja Sharma) will be shot in the upcoming episode and from here on the equation between the leads of the show Sanchi and Indu (Aniruddh Dave) will be changed. After Sanchi gets shot by a bullet, she will be in a critical situation.

The emotional drama will hold the plot and this will make Indu realize his mistakes and he will be a changed man. He will think that he has put Sanchi's life in danger. However, Sanchi will get cured and they will share their feelings for each other. On the hand Sadanand (Vijay Kumaar) and Radha (Neena Singh) will also realise their mistakes and will turn positive.

Pooja Sharma avers on the ending of RJN, "Working on Ruk Jaana Nahin has been a wonderful experience and the journey has been enriching. I will always cherish the memory of working on the show. I have learnt a lot and I owe everything to the show. It has been a very emotional day since morning and I will miss everyone from the show."

Even your fans will miss you Pooja!

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