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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Imam Siddique kicked out from the house of Bigg Boss season 6

Imam Siddique kicked out from the house of Bigg Boss season 6!

6 hours ago
Last episode of Bigg Boss 6 was a frightening and repulsive one to all the buffs, who lately had been enjoying the spooky fights of inmates of Bigg Boss house. 

In Monday’s episode it was seen that fashion stylist and actor Imam Siddique, who recently entered in the sixth season created a messy environment and had a midnight fight with another participant Aashka Goradia.

For the uninitiated, 47-year-old Imam Siddique has been an actor and fashion model in his younger days. He was also the host of Style Addict on UTV stars. Now, he is a popular anchor and is behind the stunning alteration of the character of Mona Singh in Sony TV’s Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi. Siddique was not nominated for elimination but in fact, he was asked to go out of the house because he had a fight with housemate Aashka.

And if source is to be believed Imam has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house because of his foul behavior. Imam was continually seen passing comments on Aashka and Nirahua and both the house-mates were upset with Imam’s behavior. After having fights with Aashka, he broke earthen pots, and also threatened to burn the house. When he went out of control, he was asked to leave the house at 3.30 am. The other house-mates kept him in an isolated place since then.

He also threatened to torch the house and locked both the inmates in a room. Source said, "Imam just didn't seem to stop irritating Aashka. He called her a cry-baby and asked her to talk less. He wore her clothes in the middle of the night and strutted around the house. He then locked Aashka and Nirahua inside the room, used foul language and threatened to set the house afire. He had to be thrown out of the show.”

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