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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Kareena and Saif's 'Race' to go for Honeymoon

Kareena and Saif`s `Race` to go for Honeymoon

Saif Ali Khan has been working very hard to make sure he completes all his professional commitments in time for his holiday with Kareena Kapoor

Looks like Saif Ali Khan can't wait to leave for his long-due honeymoon. While Saif and Kareena Kapoor got married more than a month ago, the actor has been neck-deep in work and has not been able to take time off. But we hear that the Nawab is definitely working towards making it happen very soon.

Our source says, `Saif wants to make sure that all his work for the sequel of Race is completed and out of the way so that he can take his much-deserved break. Only the dubbing was remaining and the actor finished it in six days flat, while working 10 hours at a stretch.`

The sources also add that Saif had not worked so hard even for his own home productions. `He wouldn't dub for more than three hours at a stretch. Looks like he is in a hurry to get away.`

The final print of the film will be out in January when Saif is scheduled to leave for his holiday.

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