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Friday, 23 November 2012

Sophie Choudry: I did not leak my own raunchy clip!!!!

Sophie Choudry: I did not leak my own raunchy clip!!!!

Sophie Choudry, The Singer, The VJ, The Performer, The Actress who was discovered by Ace Musician Biddu goes one-on-one in conversation with Faisal Saif.

Tell us about Sophie Choudry, The world doesn't know.
I am an absolute nerd.. I love reading, i have always been a straight A student, i speak fluent French. I have written the lyrics for almost all of my songs, I speak fluent urdu and I prefer spending time at home rather than going out partying.

You were born and brought up in London, How was your Journey in Bollywood as a VJ, Singer and Actress?
I was discovered by the music director Biddu when i was 12. I always wanted to sing and he launched me in the girl band Sansara when I was still studying! I became a VJ in London with ZEE TV while I was at college and when i decided to move to MUMBAI, MTV hired me!

My solo songs "Mera Babu Chail Chabila" and "Ek Pardesi" became massive hits and i decided to stay in india. David Dhawan called and offered to launch me in "Shaadi No1".. i was a huge Govinda Karisma fan and this opportunity was a dream come true for me!

Why was the sudden Split Up from Sansara Band despite of 'Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai' becoming a Chartbuster?
We had too many ego issues. generally it's tough for girls to get along and unfortunately even though we sang really well together, we all had different ideas about how to take things forward. I was dedicated to making it work, even move to India. they werent.

Your reactions when 'Baby Love' and 'Sound Of Sophie' became talk of the Music Trade?
Yes, that was incredible for me. Ek Pardesi got me immense popularity, i started doing lots of shows and like i mentioned it got me Shaadi No.1 and even Pyar Ke Side effects. I can never forget that album and T-series promoted it so well!

What about Acting Side? We don't see much of Sophie nowadays?
I wasnt getting the kind of roles I wanted so i had to take a step back and focus on myself, my music and my shows. However people thought i didn't want to do films because I wasn't signing anything. That isn't true. Thankfully I signed something recently and hope to do more movies next year!

Did 'Pyaar Ke Side Effects' appreciations came as a Surprise?
Yes it did. I loved the script because it was so different... it was a new kind of cinema with an unusual casting and it made me realize that even if i wasnt the heroine of the project i could make a lasting impact! Til this day, no one has forgotten my character Babygirl volume 3 or the famous coffee!

Was the Raunchy Act video scandal was again any part of Promotional Activity?
NO!! Not at all! I didnt even know about the video until one of my twitter followers told me about it. then i got more and more tweets! I have no idea how that got out!!! If i wanted to leak something, i would have leaked the song because i want that to get popular not a raunchy clip!!!!

Hows was you convinced for 'Hungama Ho Gaya'?
It's an amazing song which i thought we could work with to create something absolutely new! It was Vishal dadlani's idea and me and JohnStewart the arranger worked on it for a couple of months to get it just right.. I even wrote new lyrics. I just had a feeling this song would cause a Hungama of sorts and it has!

What took you so long to come up with this Song?
Non film songs dont get much exposure on TV and radio anymore and since you have to produce the project yourself it takes time to out things together. Also im a perfectionst!

What preparations you went through in the Making of the Video for 'Hungama Ho Gaya'?
I got as fit as i could by working out, we did dance rehearsals with my choreographer Arvind, Rocky S spent time on the styling, i even met him in London for some of the shopping. We worked very hard on all the planning with the video director Shiraz Bhattacharya. Most peole can believe we shot the videoin one day because it's on such a grand scale! I wanted it to be my hottest video ever!

Future for Sophie Choudry.
I take each day as it comes. You cant make plans in this career or in life. You just have to be true to yourself, live life to the max.. But i will keep doing what i love..making more music, performing on stage and even some films! I m blessed to be able to do what i love!!

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