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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Aiysha reveals her tattoos

Aiysha reveals her tattoos

Australian Pop Star Aiysha Saagar has two tattoos on her body. A barbed wire around her left wrist and a black Panther in a crouching attack position on the right side of her lower back/hip.

When asked about the tattoos she replied "My tattoos each symbolise something to me, after all they will remain with me forever.

My barbed wire tattoo represents all the hurdles and challenges that I have had to face on my journey as an artist.

It is to remind me of who I am and where I came from as I do not want to lose sight of this while I grow as an artist, so that I remain grounded.

My Panther represents my love for wild life, in particular panthers. They are beautiful, sensual and very sexy. I also relate to these animals as they appear to be mysterious and reserved, which is what my personality is like when I am off-stage, as on stage I become a roaring Tigeress (my alter-ego).

I love the way these tattoos make me feel and is a way to express my thoughts and beliefs on a personal canvas.

"It is truely liberating."

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