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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Madhuri Dixit makes even Geeta Kapoor nervous

Madhuri Dixit makes even Geeta Kapoor nervous

Choreographer Geeta Kapoor says she was nervous before working on Madhuri Dixit's dance steps for an upcoming award gala

Choreographing for the eternal dhak-dhak girl of Bollywood is no easy task. No wonder that choreographer Geeta Kapoor was quite nervous before working with Madhuri Dixit for an upcoming awards show on Saturday.

At the event, Madhuri will be performing on selected tracks from her previous films.

Our source says, `Mads is known to be extremely particular about who she will be working with. So far, most of her steps were choreographed by Saroj Khan. However, this time she wanted to experiment with her style. The organisers roped in Geeta for the act.`

Geeta, who has never worked with Mads before was naturally anxious about her upcoming task.

She tells us, `I literally had jitters, as Madhuri is a perfectionist. But it went well. She took personal interest in everything that was being done.`

Our informers also tell us that designer Manish Malhotra has been roped in to give Mads a 'special' look for the awards show.

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