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Monday, 29 October 2012

Alia Bhatt might not get a film under her home production

Alia Bhatt might not get a film under her home production!

3 hours ago
After stepping into the showbiz with Karan Johar directed Student of the Year, debutante Alia Bhatt was being considered for her sister Pooja Bhatt’s next film Mr. Love based on the infamous Nanavati murder case that shook Mumbai's beau monde way back in 1959.

But the latest update on the same says that Alia is no more a part of this venture. Well, it’s nothing in relation to her acting potential but age factor. Buzz has it that Pooja has signed in Jism 2 actor Randeep Hooda to play the male lead hence making it difficult to pair Alia alongside him. Apparently, Alia is way too younger than Randeep and she won’t suit the role.

Says Pooja, "Yes, Randeep Hooda plays Prem Ahuja the businessman whom Kawas Maneckshaw Nanavati killed. I'd love to cast Alia in Mr. Love. But she's way too young. We need a woman for that role. And that too a woman of British descent! So we're looking at casting a major talent from outside India in that role. Sadly I am making four films in 2013. All of them require older girls than Alia."

Sources say that Anvita Dutt who wrote those gaudy debacles Kambhakt Ishq, Aladdin and Tees Maar Khan is writing Mr. Love. But sources also hear that Pooja is keen on casting Alia as she says, "I really want to remake Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin with Alia. But I wonder if the original can be bettered!"

However Alia's father Mahesh Bhatt is dead-set against casting his youngest daughter. Mahesh puts it succinctly when he says, "The narrative of Alia Bhatt will be authored by Alia Bhatt and not Mahesh Bhatt. We don't have plans to queue up outside Alia's door to sign her for any of our future projects. If we feel we have a role for her which meets her needs we'll approach her. And she'll have the prerogative to accept or reject the role."

Appreciating Alia over her debut film, Mahesh said, "I am proud of her because she has achieved this on her own. She never asked me for any help. I too stayed out of her way because I knew she was in safe hands. We cripple our kids by being over-protective. I am happy she has been appreciated in Student of the Year. But she has miles to go."

Well, he has a valid point!

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