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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sambhavna Seth answers Sara Khan back with all dignity

Sambhavna Seth answers Sara Khan back with all dignity!

Yesterday at 02:29pm
Cat fights in Bollywood is not a common thing and females around never bother about their image being maligned while hurling insults on each other in open.

And the latest one caught in the nasty fight happens to be Sambhavna Seth, who seems to be quite in love with controversies surrounding her. As remembered, she had made a comment on TV actress and Bigg Boss 4 contestant Sara Khan stating that her wedding with Ali Merchant on the reality show was a publicity gimmick.

To which an annoyed Sara had shot back, “Who the hell is Sambhavna to talk about my personal life? Before talking about others she should look at herself. What is she… only a C-grade film item dancer?”

Sara further lashed out, “I wonder if she made this statement to milk some free publicity for she could never achieve what I have done at such a young age.” Meanwhile, here Sambhavna’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar came up saying, “I don’t think my client needs to get into this, so let me tackle it myself.”

He said, “First of all, I don’t think Sam knows Ms Khan in personal life. She might have just reacted to a question asked in an interview. Secondly, though a marriage ‘on screen’ is hardly a personal affair, of course, Sara’s marriage couldn’t have been a gimmick. After all, we all know, ‘Bigg Boss’ doesn’t do gimmicks – it’s a ‘reality’ show, right?”

When asked about Sara’s allegation about Sambhavna seeking “free publicity”. Dale stated, “If Sam wants to generate publicity; she has the best publicist in me! Why would she need anyone else?”

Not bad, someone has got witty thoughts it seems! Stay aware Sara!

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