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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ambi, Anuj and Suman to be put behind the bars in Kairi

Ambi, Anuj and Suman to be put behind the bars in Kairi!

8 hours ago
After what they call the forceful weddings and love-hate relationships, the leads ending up behind the bars due to bizarre situations too happen to be the major trend followed in small town.

To join in lately happen to be Colors’ Kairi, helmed by Shashi-Sumeet Mittal production. Just a day before it was brought into the attention of all the viewers of the daily that the show will air a gas tragedy sequence post which Ambi (Preeti Chaudhary) will be taken to some other place by Anuj (Naman Shaw). As was reported, Suman (Vibha Anand) too would be joining them.

Now the buzz states that trio will have to spend a night behind the bars. Informing more about the same, a source said, “Anuj has been trying his best to hide the truth of Suman not been his wife but looks like that destiny has something else in store for them. Soon the trio will land up in trouble when Anuj decides to take Ambi and Suman to a safe place as both of them are pregnant post the gas leakage at the capsule factory. They will arrive at a decision to stay at a hotel where Anuj will get into a fight with the hotel manager and to make the situation even worse cops will soon reach the venue. They will arrest Anuj, Ambi and Suman and they will be framed under the prostitution charges. Anuj and Ambi will try to explain the truth to the cops but they will pay no heed to their plea."

Vibha Anand aka Suman said, "I can't divulge anything about the storyline all I can is that something very interesting is coming up so please continue watching our show."

Let us see how they deal with this situation now!

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