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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Aseem Trivedi walks out of Bigg Boss 6

Aseem Trivedi walks out of Bigg Boss 6!

(3mins ago)
Following the double dhamaka of two eliminations on Colors’ Bigg Boss 6, this weekend of the show witnessed some strange turn of events.

As it was reported, nominated contestant Karishma Kotak had to walk out of the house far ahead of the elimination owing to her father’s sudden demise. With her getting out, the sword of elimination was hanging over Sampat Pal, Aseem Trivedi and Sapna Bhavnani.

Well, Gulab Gang leader Sampat and celebrity hair stylist Sapna got rid of the fear as it was cartoonist Aseem who got evicted. Now, this elimination might have come as a shocker for the inmates given the fact they have no idea as to what’s happening outside the four walls of Bigg Boss house. But for the world outside, elimination of Aseem was quite an obvious thing. It is notable that Colors’ office was attacked by the members of Ramdas Athawale-led Republican Party of India (RPI), which had demanded to oust Aseem of the house. And it brings no surprise if the channel considered it fair to make him get out of the house. 

However, Aseem is not worried about the same as he says, "I am not scared of anyone. I did nothing wrong (on the RPI accusing Aseem of hurting dalit sentiments). I've always been a supporter of Ambedkar and respect him. My stance is against corruption and the wrong doings of this country, not against any community".

He added, "I'm glad to be out of the Bigg Boss house because the one month spent there felt like jail! I did not come out because of the RPI. I was unaware of their demand to oust me. I just thought it was time for me to leave Bigg Boss".

We know the truth Aseem, better don’t hide it!

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