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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ang Lee is clear, particular about scenes: Tabu

Ang Lee is clear, particular about scenes: Tabu

Actress Tabu, who will be seen in Ang Lee's "Life Of Pi" says the Oscar winning director is very clear about what he wants and is extremely particular about every scene.

"He is a great person. He is very particular about his scenes and he does not let you go till a shot comes across. He is very clear that if a character is going through some emotion, he wants it to be portrayed in exactly the same way. Whatever you do, but bring it out. Until and unless he doesn't get it, he will keep pushing you," Tabu told.

"Life Of Pi", releasing Nov 21, is a 3D adventure film based on the novel of the same name by Canadian writer Yann Martel. Delhi-based Indian boy Suraj Sharma plays young Pi in it.

Tabu plays mother to Pi. Lee insisted the actors undergo family rehearsals before shooting.

"As a family, we had rehearsals in Taiwan months before we started shooting. We were there for a week because Ang wanted the family to meet and that helped a lot. The set was already put up so we had a bit of familiarity and knew these scenes will be done there," she said.

For Tabu, "Life Of Pi" was her first brush with 3D, and says she had a wonderful journey.

"It was not significantly different. There were three big cameras on the sets and the crew was very big. There were around 25 monitors and there was technically lot of detailing that was done," said the 40-year-old.

"I was observing the entire journey. I was enjoying the process of animation and 3D. It was a wonderful journey," she added.

The movie also features Irrfan

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