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Monday, 29 October 2012

yes, I'm making a debut in a very bold Adult film: Poonam Pandey

Yes, I`m making a debut in a very bold Adult film: Poonam Pandey

Controversy queen Poonam Pandey, who is set to start shooting for her debut Hindi movie, says that the untitled project will have some "bold" and "intense" scenes but won't face any problems with the censor board.

"Yes, it's an adult film, it's a bold film but the script is very strong. I know people love to watch bold films, but for me, the script matters. The story of this film is great. My family is very happy with my debut film. They are saying it's the right move," Poonam told.

"I don't think we will have to face any problem with the censor board. Yes, I agree we have some bold and intense scenes in the film but it should not create any problem," she added.

"Jism" fame director Amit Saxena is wielding the megaphone for the film.

Poonam created a stir when she offered to go nude before Team India if it won the 2011 cricket World Cup.

Poonam also announced that she would strip if superstar Shah Rukh Khan's franchise Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won win the fifth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). And the model kept her word. Post the KKR win in May, she posted her nude picture on Twitter.

Talking about her expectation from her first film, she said: "I want to be the heart of a film and not just a part of a film."

They have just finished workshop for yet to be titled movie and rehearsed for some intense scenes during that.

"The film will go on the floors this week and some portions are scheduled to be shot in Mumbai and some outside Mumbai. The first look shall tell you what the film is about," she said.

"I can't reveal much about my film. The title and all the details will be revealed soon. The first look of the film will be launched in two to three days.

H for habit... Make me your habit!

Starlet reveals the 2nd letter as part of the 5-day countdown with the 5 alphabets that comprise name of her upcoming debut

Poonam Pandey presents a 5-day countdown with the 5 alphabets that comprise the name of her upcoming debut

An addiction is also called as a habit. Habit starts with the alphabet H.

As you guys are aware, we are talking about my debut film. And we are talking about the alphabets that comprise the name of the film.

The first alphabet I mentioned was A. A for addiction, A also stands for alcohol.

Now the second alphabet I am giving out to you as a clue is H.

There can be an addiction for heroin and heroine too!

Hash stands for hashish and a hash tag too. #addiction

So you see, it's not tough to guess what the name of Poonam Pandey's debut film could be.

The film is being directed by Amit Saxena who has directed a film called Jism before. He has amazing sensibilites as a director and the cinematographer for the movie is Jamie Fowlds. When you look through the lens and see what Jamie does, you will see me very differently.

I know you all have been wanting to see me on 35 MM on the big screen, doing what I have always promised, but then it will be in the most beautiful way. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

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