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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Delhi Safari is strongly recommended

Delhi Safari is strongly recommended

By: Faisal Saif

Directed By: Nikhil Advani

Voice Over: Akshaye Khanna, Urmila Matondkar, Govinda and Boman Irani

Rating: * * *

Till date we have witnessed Film maker's making animated feature film with big star's voices on the cartoon character's only in Hollywood. Even here, Jugal Hansraj tried to make an animated feature film called 'Roadside Romeo'. He used voices of saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the film. But that film turned out to be a disaster.

But Nikhil Advani brings a totally different animated feature film called Delhi Safari. the film has a unique and bold message attached to it. It is made with meaningful intentions.

Delhi Safari is about Save Animal Save Forest and So Save the Humanity. The Director Nikhil Advani has given his best attempt to make the child film a worth watch for every age group. The message is very simple "Don't just keep on yelling, Do it".

The film is about 5 Animals. A Bear, A tigress and her son, A monkey and A parrot who decides to fight for their rights. They wanted no disturbance and trouble from human society, no hunting, no tree cutting and destroying forest.

So to convey their voice to humans, They try to take on with the Human System with the support of Alex (Parrot). Alex tells them that our country has a Parliament in Delhi where Ministers solves everyone's problem.

Therefore they decide to go for an unusual journey to parliament and approach Ministers to solve their problem.

The dialogues of the film are just brilliant and meaningful. There are also lots of laughter moments in the film. The screenplay is very strong and tight.

Director Nikhil Advani has developed the story very interestingly. Hats off to the director who could have chose to not-to make an animated film in the world where 'Stars' rule. But yet he went ahead with this unique idea.

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