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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Minissha wants her bikini body back

Minissha wants her bikini body back

The petite actress is busy attempting to get back her former bikini body

Over the past few months, Minissha Lamba has been in the news for her knack to learn new things. And the petite actress is at it again! This time around, she has signed on a personal trainer dedicated solely to train her in the strenuous form of workout kickboxing.

Apparently, Minissha wasn't happy with her body lately and wanted to shed some weight. As the result, the Bollywood lass took on hardcore gymming and kickboxing lessons to get things done.

The aim was to be back to the shape like she was in 2008 when she donned a white bikini for Kidnap, co-starring Sanjay Dutt and Imran Khan.

Keeping up with the ongoing fab body trend, her single-minded determination is apparently showing some good results too. Minissha now boasts of a rather toned body and is keen on continuing with kickboxing.

The actress says, `I just wanted to get back to my old 'bikini' shape and had been reading up on various forms of exercise to get me into the discipline. Now I don't miss a single session of kickboxing.

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