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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pratigya to end on a happy note

Pratigya to end on a happy note!

on Friday at 04:44pm
Pratigya, which has the star cast of Pooja Gor, Arhaan Behll, Asmitaa Sharma and Anupam Shyam, made under the banner of Spellbound productions and Walkwater Media LTD on Star Plus has become apple of the eye of viewers.

But as a show has to be shut down and it’s high time for the soap and soon it will be put off air on 27th October.  The sad news also has a good aspect to it which is the happy note ending which would be broadcasted soon.

Whereas you all must be wondering about the ending of the show, let us spill some part of beans that Amma who lost her memory and was staying away from her husband will not only retrieve her memory back but also would go back to her husband but tryst will come with Sajjan Singh’s non acceptance of his better half. Krishna and Pratigya will not be leaving any stone unturned for this lifetime patch up in which they would be shown successful ultimately.

The occasion of Dussehra would add some sparkle and a message of truth’s victory would be portrayed by the brainwash of Sajjan Singh who will finally give in and accept his wife and the family once again would be reunited and would live happily ever after.

On being probed about the ending of the show, one of the lead star cast Anupam said, “It will be a happy ending but before that Ammaji will have to give agni pariksha.”

Pooja on the other hand speaks her mind, “The show will end on a happy note and we’d be shooting for our last episode tomorrow.”

Keep your eyes wide open for the upcoming end.

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